Father Ted - The Holy Trilogy (American version box set) BBC Video/E1878
 with Cast and crew biographies
        Photo Gallery
        Graham Linehan's commentary (E1,  E2-1...5)
        Ardal O'Hanlon's commentary (E2-6..10)
        Interview with Ardal O'Hanlon
        Interview with Arthur Matthews & Graham Linehan
        Father Ted on Comic Relief
        Fundraising with Father Dougal

Father Ted - The Complete Scripts
by Arthur Matthews & Graham Linehan
Box Tree
ISBN 0-7522-7235-7

Father Ted - The Craggy Island Parish Magazines
by Arthur Matthews & Graham Linehan
Box Tree
ISBN 0-7522-2472-7

Father Ted Audio CD
A Song for Europe
The Plague
The Passion of St.Tibulus
Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading
ISBN 0-563051049-8

Our Father - a tribute to Dermot Morgan
Don, Robert and Ben Morgan
ISBN 1-874597-96-0

Well-Remembered days
- Eoin O'Ceallaigh's Memoir of a Twentieth-Century Catholic Life
Arthur Mathews
MacMillan Publishers
ISBN 0-333-90163-0

The Talk of the Town
by Ardal O'Hanlon
Sceptre Lir
ISBN 0-340-69309-6

Hot Press Magazine

Father Ted - The Definitive Collection (5 DVD set)

Scrap the collection - 4CD SET  Dermot Morgan
RTE 249 CD